*UMOJA* is D'CuCKOO's second CD release. The band explains, "We call this disc 'Umoja'--Swahili for 'unity'--because it reflects our global perspective and interest in people and issues beyond our own geographical borders."

Released in 1994, Umoja brings together a union of musical styles from around the world and layered vocals, culminating in a sound that is distinctly D'Cuckoo.

D'CuCKOO's first recording, *D'CUCKOO*, was released in 1992 by Aisle of Women/D'Kayla Records. The *D'CuCKOO* CD is an eclectic blend of D'CuCKOO's neo-classical, post-industrial, cyber-tribal world funk. It includes a cover of Brian Eno's "No One Receiving."

Candice Pacheco, co-founder of D'Cuckoo, has released a solo CD, *THE VORTEX*: the original soundtrack for HyperBole Studio's CD-ROM interactive movie, "The Vortex; Quantum Gate II." The soundtrack is a mix of African, Middle Eastern and techno rhythms, vocal chants, ambient backgrounds and exotic percussion celebrating the hippest music in the local galaxy.


*UMOJA* is available in stores and through direct mail; *D'CuCKOO* is available by mail order only. *The Vortex* is available in stores but...

...all these recordings can be ordered by mail--thus bypassing the corporate machine and supporting the artists directly--by sending check or money order to:

D'CuCKOO International
6114 LaSalle Avenue #414
Oakland, CA 94611

CDs are $16 each and cassettes are $10 each. Please include $2.00 for shipping and handling and CA tax (8.25%) for California residents.

Black D'CuCKOO t-shirts with the vivid dancing D'CuCKOO logo are also available for $13 each in S, M, L, XL. Signed posters are available for $10.00. If you'd like to keep in touch with D'CuCKOO electronically, please drop a line to: dcuckoo@well.sf.ca.us.


"I love your recording of 'No One Receiving.' I think it's the best version anyone's ever done of one of my songs." - Brian Eno, August 1991

"It's the groove of the future. It's all electronic, but they're real players; these women really know what they're doing. This is not just a bunch of dumb computer heads -- this is a real, live, feeling, fire-breathing band." - Mickey Hart, KPFA-FM interview, Feb. 1992

"These women are geniuses!" - Richard Hart, KRON-TV (NBC) News, March 1992

"D'CuCKOO's method of music-making is among the most original and wide-ranging anywhere in the world." - Jonathan E, BAM Magazine, May 1992

"The music is hot and engaging." - Michael Rogers, Newsweek, November 1990

"Future anthropologists must consider how D'CuCKOO embodies our dreams...Part of the charm of seeing D'CuCKOO perform is just watching them. The women have a sensuous stage presence. All highly adept multi-instrumentalists, they dance among their unique instruments, trading off in an elaborate choreography. D'CuCKOO's songwriting has strength to equal their electronic expertise and musical performance chops...D'CuCKOO is a must-see band." - Ed Tywoniak, Mondo 2000 Magazine,1991