Now you mess with the Spoon.

Frightening cloud of pompous inflection to your left is called Spoonman. Maybe you are familiar with Spoonman. Maybe you have seen him in earlier times at COBRA LOUNGE. Maybe you have heard his name in connection with Anon Salon. Maybe you have no idea what Spoonman is? All the better for you. Maybe you will escape whole messy encounter with prosthetic personality from interplanetary recycling center.

On other hand, perhaps you yourself have felt occasional yearnings for extraneous persona of your own. That figures. Like most folks, maybe you long for some protection from corrosive rays of insane optimism. Maybe desire is there to wield against chaos something more than your television remote, and you think maybe fire-breathing patriarchal visigoth will save your butt.

Hard to say what will work for you. You give it a try. See what happens. It is safer than full body explosion, more dangerous than credit card fraud. Invisible is powerful but unseen force in life of people with too much imagination. Spoonman comes from invisible place, and to invisible he returns when play is done and work begins. You care to trot along to that place with Spoonman, you are more than welcome. Let us see where trajectory of Spooniversal exaggeration will take us next.

So, in the meantime, what is here that maybe you can munch on?

Pictures, stories and video and sounds inside SPOONMAN'S DREAM!

Spoonman knows much about CHARACTER because he is one himself.

Talk of Spoonman quickly moves to talk of COBRA LOUNGE.

Whole issue of VOICE is one that resonates in these parts.

COMIX form is favored area of spoonplayground.

Want to be part of an iNteRPlaNetARy FeStiVaL?

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